The Environmental Studies program at the University of Montana is a diverse, interdisciplinary program that focuses on the concepts of social change and important environmental topics and issues. The program focuses on environmental science; environmental policy and politics; environmental thought and literature; and engagement and applied research. Research and creative scholarship by the faculty of the Environmental Studies program includes studies into sustainable food and farming; environmental creative writing and editorial techniques; ecosystem conservation, preservation, and restoration; pollution biology, watershed planning, and watershed restoration; philosophy and practice of restoring damaged ecosystems; community involvement in ecological restoration; indigenous peoples rights; and policy analysis and evaluation.


Submissions from 2015


Which came first, people or pollution? Assessing the disparate siting and post-siting demographic change hypotheses of environmental injustice, Paul Mohai and Robin Saha

Submissions from 2010


Missoula Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and Analysis, 2003-2008: Toward A Blueprint For Municipal Sustainability, Robin K. Saha, Kathryn Elizabeth Makarowski, Russ J. Paepeghem, Bethany Mason Taylor, Michelle Lanzoni, Michael Lattanzio, and Owen Weber

Submissions from 2008


Measuring Teachers' Learning from a Problem-Based Learning Approach to Professional Development in Science Education, Ayelet Weizman, Beth A. Covitt, Matthew J. Koehler, Mary A. Lundeberg, Joy A. Oslund, Mark R. Low, Janet Eberhardt, and Mark Urban-Lurain

Submissions from 2007


Racial Inequality in the Distribution of Hazardous Waste: A National-Level Reassessment, Paul Mohai and Robin Saha

Submissions from 2006


Survey Results From Improving the State Superfund Process (2006), Robin K. Saha

Submissions from 2005


Historical Context and Hazardous Waste Facility Siting: Understanding Temporal Patterns in Michigan, Robin Saha and Paul Mohai