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Journal of Middle Atlantic Archaeology

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Archaeological excavations recovered early steatite-tempered pottery at the Sunny Side site (36BD267), Bedford County, Pennsylvania. The Sunny Side site is on a floodplain/terrace of Yellow Creek near its confluence with the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River. A 70-cm-wide hearth was excavated along with associated Selden Island steatite-tempered pottery and lithic debris at a depth of 94 cm below ground surface in a buried Ab horizon. A hickory wood charcoal sample from the hearth was dated to 3500±100 B.P. (CAL BC 2120 - 2090 and BC 2050 - 1540). The early pottery at the Sunny Side site confirms prior work suggesting active use of the Juniata River corridor during the Transitional period. Results of this study support the contention that archaeological surveys should continue to evaluate deeply-buried deposits in alluvial settings.


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