Why Should We Go Green?

Sustainable practices are important because they help preserve our uniquely great environment and are healthy for your home. These practices are easy and efficient to practice while making your home more sustainable. All of these practices are researched to be made specifically for Western Montana’s environmental characteristics.

What is the key to a healthy community? Healthy practices that is! In order to maintain a healthy community there needs to be clean air, clean water, and a clean earth. This is all attainable through a clean lifestyle. When we adapt the way we live to be in alignment with the environment, we create a more sustainable and a cleaner lifestyle. 

Why Sustainable? 

Being sustainable is important for us to consider so that we can maintain the life we live for generations to come, while also improving the health of our environment, and therefore our community!

Why Housing?

Almost every day we spend time and depend on our homes for protection, comfort, and warmth in our harsh Montana winters, so why not start there with small simple changes that can help to create healthy communities all around Western Montana! The home is an easy place to start. Whether you rent, own or live with your parents, there are several simple things that can be done to become more sustainable. There are things so simple that you won’t even notice the difference!