Thursday, March 31

7 pm - 9 pm - Clark Fork Symposium 2005 Keynotes

Tracy Stone-Manning, Clark Fork Coalition, Mistress of Ceremonies

Watch video of the keynotes by Vicki Watson and Chris Brick here.
Watch video of the keynotes by Diane Williams, Mark Holston, and Kathy Coleman here.

Friday, April 1

8 am - noon - 20 short talks (in 3 concurrent sessions)

All presentation abstracts are listed here alphabetically (PDF); abstracts are also available through the links below.

1 pm - 3 pm - Poster Session (abstracts here). You can also watch video interviews with some of the poster presenters here.

3 pm - 5 pm - More short talks

The following workshop and tours were held in connection with the symposium.

Workshop: Obtaining Groundwater Information, Montana Bureau of Mines Groundwater Information Center

Silver Bow Creek Cleanup & Restoration

Watershed Restoration Coalition projects

Pattee Creek Tour (includes video)

Grant Creek Tour (includes video)

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