At the 2015 Clark Fork Symposium, held April 23-24, 2015 at the University of Montana, the State of the River report looked back on 30 years of conservation progress (with a special focus on the last 5 years) and ahead to future challenges. Invited speakers and panels addressed recent & ongoing studies guiding actions to conserve & restore the basin. Watershed groups, scientists, and other citizens interested in the river basin provided posters and short talks. Field trips included visits to the Milltown State Park (formerly a superfund site) and the Missoula Wastewater Treatment Plant and land application site (a nearby tree plantation).

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Keynote Presentations
Session 1: Fisheries, Groundwater, & Dam Safety
Session 2: Restoration, Mitigation, and TMDL's
Session 3: Watershed Information, Education & Outreach
Session 4: Water Quality and River Algae