Eck Hall (Liberal Arts), Room 244

Start Date

13-6-2022 2:15 PM

End Date

24-6-2022 3:45 PM


This workshop is based on the open educational resource (OER) Archiving for the Future: Simple Steps for Archiving Language Documentation Collections (Kung et al. 2020), a short course designed to aid people of all backgrounds to confidently organize born-digital and digitized language materials and data for deposit into any digital repository or language archive for long-term preservation and accessibility. Workshop participants will learn 9 simple steps that they can do before, during, and after creating or collecting language materials; these steps will help them to understand data management, organization, and curation, which in turn will facilitate the deposit of language documentation materials in a digital repository or language archive. Participants will learn

  • Differences between digital repositories and other types of storage or sharing platforms
  • Ethical and legal considerations throughout data creation and archiving
  • Data management strategies (e.g., file-naming strategies, informed consent, metadata collection, strategic file organization)
  • Collection planning to facilitate re-use (e.g., identifying target users and creating collection guides)
  • Strategies for managing access to sensitive data (e.g., access restriction techniques at various language archives and managing access in perpetuity).


Archiving; Documentation; Ethics