Presenter Information

Ray Huaute
Alice Taff


Payne Family Native American Center, Room 103

Start Date

13-6-2022 8:30 AM

End Date

24-6-2022 10:00 AM


Participants will learn the value and processes for documenting conversation of Indigenous languages. Participants will learn from examples of conversation documentation projects and from discussion, why and how to accomplish such projects themselves.

Day 1: Become aware of the issue - Why and how to document conversation

  • (45 min. discussion) class members introduce themselves and their interest in conversation documentation.
  • (45 min. presentation and discussion) View examples of conversation documentation and discuss strengths and weaknesses of who is recorded, audio, video, transcription, translation, usability.

Day 2: Techniques for conversation documentation

  • (1 hr. large group and small group discussion) Community planning, selecting speakers, equipment for audio, video, lighting, prepping speakers, collecting and maintaining metadata, tracking progress, post production, transcription/translation.
  • (30 min. small group activity) Record a conversation.

Day 3: Critique class recordings (1.5hr. large l group discussion)

  • What are strong and weak points of the class recordings?
  • How will participantsʼ own language and community situations impact conversation documentation?

Day 4: Course recap. Your own project? (1.5 hrs. large and small group discussion)

  • Reviewing the course topics, participants will design their own conversation documentation projects. What can they do? How can they do it? What factors do they need to pay attention to?