Presenter Information

Hilaria Cruz
Susan Smythe Kung


Payne Family Native American Center, Room 105

Start Date

13-6-2022 2:15 PM

End Date

24-6-2022 3:45 PM


This course is intended for anyone (community members, language teachers, archives users, students, faculty, senior researchers) of any level who wants to have a better understanding of how consent, permission, intellectual property, cultural property, traditional knowledge and copyright interact with each other and how they affect language researchers, community members, archive staff and the general public. The class will be organized into a combination of lecture and open discussion about the above-named concepts, as well as other concepts such as open versus public access, fair use, public domain, terms and conditions of use, access embargos, access restrictions, access protocols, attribution, etc. To contextualize the class content, we will explore various real and hypothetical scenarios to illustrate processes and legislature that control access and articulate rights and property.


Archiving; Documentation; Ethics