Presenter Information

Mosiah Bluecloud
Carlos Nash


Phyllis J. Washington College of Education, ALI Auditorium

Start Date

13-6-2022 10:15 AM

End Date

24-6-2022 11:45 AM


This workshop will provide participants with the ability to create immersion sets and story for language acquisition through a multimedia format. We will learn to create and maintain structure through storyboarding and introduce participants to basic camera technique. Students can expect to learn to use shot framing, camera angles, and camera movement to lower the affective filter and generate engaging repetition of target vocabulary/grammar structure and breathe life into asynchronous language lessons.


Documentation; Technology

slides-day-2.pptx (3846 kB)
Day 2 Slides

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Day 3 Slides

slides-day-4.pptx (3507 kB)
Day 4 Slides