The University of Montana Journal of Early Childhood Scholarship and Innovative Practice is an online, peer-reviewed journal that is published twice a year. The journal provides a forum for graduate students to share articles related to the care and education of young children with early childhood practitioners, administrators, and policy advisors.

Current Issue: Volume 2, Issue 1 (2018)



Critique of the OWL Curriculum
Judi Guisti, Kathryn Hinkle, Gretchen Oldenburg, Heidi Paul, Jessica Vlasie, Beth Lincoln, and Cindy Moulton


Critique of the Creative Curriculum for Preschool
Hannah Gullickson, Raelynn Cameron, Lucy Marose, Irene Tiefenthaler, and Tasha Van Nice


Conquering Imposter Syndrome
Irene Tiefenthaler

Editorial Board

Julie Bullard
Peter Knox
Lisa Bullard
Allison Wilson