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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Creative Writing (Fiction)

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Debra Magpie Earling

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Deirdre McNamer, Hiltrud Arens


Fiction, Novel, Denver, Folk music


University of Montana

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The first four chapters of a novel titled Hatchet Jack and the Rocky Mountain Empire. The book follows a young woman named Vanessa Stewart as she struggles to find direction in her life in the face of a crumbling marriage. Chapter One introduces Vanessa and her musician husband, Riley, as they decide to take in a roommate, Toby in order to offset financial difficulties. Chapter Two shows Vanessa struggling to adjust to having a roommate and interacting with her overbearing mother. In Chapter Three, Vanessa struggles at her unsatisfactory job and, during a party, she introduces Toby to the music of an enigmatic figure named Hatchet Jack, to whom she is drawn. Chapter Four shows Vanessa and Toby bonding over a mutual interest in Hatchet Jack and a trip to the Rocky Mountains.

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