Chiehyi Huang

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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Educational Leadership

Department or School/College

School of Education

Committee Chair

Merle Farrier

Commitee Members

William P. McCaw, John Matt, Frances O'Reilly, Trent Atkins


University of Montana


Owing to the importance of harmony between boards of higher education and their presidents, this research sought to determine whether boards of higher education could be distinguished by type based upon the alignment of the distribution of decision making responsibilities.

Single consolidated and double consolidated boards were identified as viable for this research. The review of literature informed this research that presidential/board responsibilities could be understood to exist in four domains: fiscal, program, policy, and personnel. The construct of distinguishing board type through the lens of decision making alignment was not universally supported in all four domains; however, it was found that a construct of two domains was identified by board type and within that construct, by orientation of function.



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