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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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School of Art

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Julia Galloway

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Julia Galloway, Valerie Hedquest, Matt Hamon, Elizabeth Hubble


Figurative Sculpture, The Abject, Mythology, Carl Jung, Ceramic figurative sculpture


University of Montana

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Arts and Humanities | Fine Arts


My MFA Thesis Exhibition, Selene (Greek goddess of the moon), is an autobiographical journey through self- discovery, recognizing the power of my past seductive and destructive behavior surrounding sexuality. This current body of work serves as a metaphor for “moth to a flame” analogy and “if you are not careful the flame can burn you”.

My journey through personal healing from past traumatic events has taught me that my vulnerability is what breeds my strength. Ways that people navigate life being vulnerable and how they heal from wounds stemming from abuse, addictions, broken hearts, and loss varies among people. I have healed through years of verbal and art therapy. Reading myths and folklore, studying Jungian psychology has fueled my imagination and given me wisdom that I have needed to grow as a woman. My figurative sculptures are created for healing and exposing serious topics surrounding the human psyche, human sexuality, the abject and the beautiful.

Selene consist of life-size figures that are stylized by the tradition of Greco-Roman figuration, combined with surrealist undertones. The stylized approach supports my views on the allure of our culture towards the history of idealized beauty. It is my intention to challenge my viewer’s perception of the power of attraction and repulsion through the male dominated gaze and notions of the female gaze. I want my viewer to question their role in power structures such as “moth to a flame”.

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