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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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School of Art

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Cathryn Mallory

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Bradley Allen, Kevin Bell, Hipólito Rafael Chacón, Betsy Bach


Sculpture, Installation, Irony


University of Montana

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Fine Arts


Disarming discomfort through irony, material, and absurdity is at the center of my practice. I chose to describe my efforts of coping through installation instead of objects because I desire to create an immersive experience for viewers. Using a broadly recognized metaphor as weather allows me to reveal the silent yet ubiquitous nature that so many who suffer from anxiety and depression try to conceal. Depression often coexists with anxiety and both share the ability to alter one's perception of reality. The light bulb cloud installation includes hundreds of burnt-out incandescent bulbs to evoke the accumulation of listlessness, emptiness, and bleakness of depression. Depression is not necessarily sadness but a loss of energy or vitality. Much in the manner in which people watch adverse weather with a sense of morbid curiosity, one is at the mercy of these hyperbolic psychological states.

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