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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Conceptual Art

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School of Art

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MaryAnn Bonjorni

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Dr. Hipólito Rafael Chacón

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Brad Allen, Dr. Lois Monk Welch


Conceptual Art, Race, Greif, Fine Art, Aja Mujinga Sherrard, Contemporary Art


University of Montana

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Art Practice | Ceramic Arts | Contemporary Art | Ethnic Studies | Fiber, Textile, and Weaving Arts | Fine Arts | Interactive Arts | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Photography | Theory and Criticism | Women's Studies


This paper serves to establish the studio practice of Aja Mujinga Sherrard within the framework of conceptual art, touching on the flexible use of media, the subversive or political nature of the work, and its relationship to movements and disciplines such as Feminism and Poststructuralism.

The section entitled “Race and Incoherence” addresses the practice of Radical Dissonance—or the creation of ruptures within commonly accepted concepts and social constructions—through the Costuming Kinship Series, 13≠12≠12.2 (Genetics Project), and Body Double. The section entitled ”Art, Loss, and the Unspeakable” traces an emotional shift in her work and speaks directly to the pieces comprising the thesis exhibition: , is repair, Including the projects: A Successful Artwork; (Our) Baby Blanket; Names; Lettres Pour Yaya Mujinga, as read by her grandchild; Me, Your Daughter: Him, Your Miller; and the title piece: , is repair.



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