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Degree Type

Master of Arts (MA)

Degree Name

Anthropology (Cultural Heritage Option)

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Committee Chair

Dr. Anna M. Prentiss

Commitee Members

Dr. Douglas MacDonald, Dr. Steven Sheriff


archaeology, GIS, evolution, spatial analysis, site structure, lithics


University of Montana

Subject Categories

Archaeological Anthropology


Archaeological investigations at Housepit 54 within the Bridge River site have, to date, exposed 15 discreet floors primarily dating to ca. 1500-1000 cal. B.P. In this thesis, the spatial distributions of lithic artifacts from every floor are examined. Questions will be addressed specifically towards formation processes and the potential relationships between the patterning of lithic distributions as they relate to hearth-centered activity areas or domestic areas and fluctuations in estimated population. In addition, this thesis explores spatial organization as a cultural trait or concept that can be transmitted through time. Using the same methodological and theoretical approach for each floor, we examine feature form and function, lithic tool production and maintenance, and spatial relationships of lithic distributions. From these studies, we draw conclusions regarding the spatial continuity of artifact distributions between subsequent floors. GIS software was used to display and analyze lithic artifact distributions on each individual floor. Results of this research permit us to develop a range of implications regarding household occupational history and sociality.



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