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1918, Hazel Leonard, James Claude Simpkins, Memorial Row, Missoula, Mrs. Yoder, Paul Logan Dornblaser, Spanish Influenza, Student Army Training Corps, University of Montana, World War I


University of Montana


On Arbor Day, 1919, 32 Ponderosa Pine trees were planted on the campus of the University of Montana to commemorate individuals associated with the university who died while serving Montana in World War I. Collectively called Memorial Row and situated among present-day McGill and Don Anderson Halls and the Social Science and Education buildings, the trees honor individuals who died in combat, as a result of combat injuries, and from the Spanish Influenza pandemic of 1918 while stationed with the Student Army Training Corps (SATC) on the UM campus or at Fort Missoula. Four women who volunteered as nurses and died are also remembered. Contained herein are three stories of individuals memorialized in Memorial Row: James Claude Simpkins, a chemistry graduate of 1916 and second lieutenant in the First Army Air Service; Mrs. Solomon Yoder (a.k.a. Hazel Leonard), a nurse who volunteered at the SATC, contracted the flu and died a few days later; and Paul Logan Dornblaser, a UM football star and 1914 law graduate who served as a corporal in the 6th Marines, and after whom the UM athletic track is named.



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