Year of Award


Document Type


Degree Type

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

Degree Name


Department or School/College

Visual and Performing Arts

Committee Chair

MaryAnn Bonjorni

Commitee Members

Trey Hill, Kevin Bell, Michael Musick


Art, Sculpture, Sound, Installation, Casting


University of Montana

Subject Categories

Interdisciplinary Arts and Media


My thesis work, All Hat & No Cowhas been an exploration of End Stage Capitalism and Art/life in the American post-industrial Intermountain West. The research has been presented in one suite with three parts; a Sonic Ecosystem, Community Collaborative Foundry, and Mobile Blacksmithing School. Each of these activities present windows into ongoing (some career long) projects that comprise a diverse practice; different tracks on the same album. The three parts in the suite include technological progressions via the materials and process as the narrative arcs of societal “progression”. Structural welding, architectural blacksmithing, andcommercial foundry work emerged out of industrial practice. These processes and materials provide the transformations and conceptual associations.


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