Omid Khormali

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Department of Mathematical Sciences

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Cory Palmer

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Mark Kayll, Brian Steele, Daniel Johnston, John Chandler


Graph Forest, Hypergraph Forest, Turan Number


University of Montana


The Turan number, ex_r(n; F), of an r-uniform hypergraph F is the maximum number of hyperedges in an n-vertex r-uniform hypergraph which does not contain F as a subhypergraph. Note that when r = 2, ex_r(n; F) = ex(n; F) which is the Turan number of graph F. We study.

Turan numbers in the degenerate case for graphs and hypergraphs; we focus on the case when F is a forest in graphs and hypergraph. In the first chapter we discuss the history of Turan numbers and give several classical results. In the second chapter, we examine the Turan number for forests with path components, forests of path and star components, and forests with all components of order 5. In the third chapter we determine the Turan number of an r-uniform "star forest" in various hypergraph settings.



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