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Master of Arts (MA)

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Dr. Bernadette Sweeney

Committee Co-chair

Dr. Michael Musick

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Bernadette Sweeney, Mike Post, Michael Murphy, Michael Musick


Live Performance, Digital Media, Everyman, MIDI, Embodiment, Cascando


University of Montana

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Arts and Humanities | Performance Studies | Theatre and Performance Studies


This paper explores the affect of digital media in live performance. The research is generated from work with integrated digital media in Carol Ann Duffy's 2015 adaptation of Everyman as well as Samuel Beckett's radio play Cascando. Through experimentation and implementation of motion tracking digital elements and actor-manipulated sonic and visual digital media achieved with MIDI and OSC mapping, I explore the embodiment of performances by actors when their various characters are represented on the physical as well as the digital stage simultaneously.

The research interrogates digital media in storytelling when actors can manipulate imagery and language in real time on stage and what that means for character and plot in live theatre, the embodiment of physical and virtual representation of character, and evolving storytelling through digital means.



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