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Master of Science (MS)

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Computer Science

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Computer Science

Committee Chair

Douglas Raiford

Committee Co-chair

Travis Wheeler

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Eric Henderson


Simulations, SPMD, Multithreading, Java, Design Patterns, Refactoring


University of Montana

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Other Computer Sciences | Software Engineering


Computer software has become an integral tool in exploring scientific concepts and computational models. Models, such as OpenSIMPPLLE, use a complex set of rules developed by experts to predict the impact of fires, disease, and wildlife on large scale landscapes.

OpenSIMPPLLE’s simulations are time-consuming when projecting far into the future. OpenSIMPPLLE needs to execute more efficiently to allow for faster completion of simulations. The increase in speed will also enable users to run simulations with more timesteps in shorter periods. There are plenty of ways to accomplish this.

The work described here identifies three different methods for increasing efficiency. The first method is refactoring expensive operations, the second is applying design patterns, and the third is to introduce parallelism. The main objective of this work is to examine whether the intersection of parallelism and efficient design will combine in an optimal runtime while analyzing the best approaches to implement parallel techniques.



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