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Degree Type

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

Other Degree Name/Area of Focus


Department or School/College

College of the Arts and Media

Committee Chair

Jennifer Combe

Commitee Members

Jennifer Combe, James Bailey, Jackson Bunch


Installation, Printmaking, Community, Family


University of Montana


“The path of self-fulfillment means “pushing oneself beyond oneself”, in a relationship with the community where generosity, giving and the search for the common good are included and cultivated in everyday life.” (Menditto, 2014)

The Space Between Points and Their Navigational Reference represents specific points in time as well as all the moments that take place between those points. Each point is a person or a specific moment in time; they are individual people or noteworthy memories which, for one reason or another, have left a significant imprint in the memory of the individual or of society. The space between is everything else that happens, every single moment, whether remembered or not; it shapes how we interact with the world around us, it informs how we process information, and affects whether we stop and listen to one another or if we instead put up walls and push away. All of this space between creates our navigational compass through life. The exhibition is composed of a n installation, Rhizomatic, and a series of screen prints, which are titled based on the year that the original photograph was taken. The exhibit as a whole draws attention to bonds made, rites of passage, and moments worth cherishing; it combines installation and printmaking.



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