Year of Award


Document Type

Professional Paper

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Master of Science (MS)

Degree Name

Health and Human Performance (Generalist Option)

Department or School/College

Integrative Physiology and Athletic Training

Committee Chair

Charles Palmer

Commitee Members

Brent Ruby, Annie Sondag


college athletes, alcohol, prevention, intervention


University of Montana

Subject Categories

Sports Sciences


The literature review investigates the relationship between alcohol and college athletes. College athletes are a high-risk drinking group; alcohol use amongst collegiate athletes is a major concern due to the consequences associated with use. It is important to review student-athlete behavior and influences that contribute to alcohol use in order to design a program that effectively prevents use and intervenes use when it occurs. Results from original articles were used to support the need for effective prevention/intervention programs for this population based on the severity and frequency of use, negative effects of alcohol, and lack of effective prevention/intervention programs. Coaches, athletic personnel, and universities need to implement effective programs in order to promote student-athlete well-being and athletic success. This paper concludes with practical recommendations for coaches, athletic personnel, and universities to take into consideration when implementing an effective prevention/intervention program.



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