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Master of Arts (MA)

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Phyllis J. Washington College of Education

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Dr. Jingjing Sun

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Dr. Jeb Puryear, Dr. Matthew Schertz


GoZen, mindfulness, social-emotional regulation, so-teach, self-regulation


University of Montana

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This study analyzes the relationship between social emotional regulation and the program entitled GoZen!, for ten Kindergarteners in a Montana School over the course of a consistent nineteen weeks. To do this, a group of ten Kindergarten students’ behaviors were observed to compare the baseline number of visible self-regulation strategies to that following the initial modules, as well as following the entire GoZen! program. The data showed great promise with a 75% reduction in physical disruptions, an 85% reduction in harmful disruptions and a 18% reduction in verbal disruptions. The program used consisted of watching two-hundred and four short cartoon videos, as well as discussions and worksheets outlined in them. Students stated that they enjoyed the program. Furthermore, behaviors that exhibited visual self redirection and self regulating increased dramatically. Initially, students were seen purposefully using a strategy to regulate themselves eight times in one week. Following the initial GoZen! modules, there was a 300% increase, bringing the total to thirty-two times per week. Upon completion of the entire collection of the GoZen! resources, students visually self redirected or regulated thirty times for a slight drop from the completion of the basic set of modules, but still up 275% from the initial observation.

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