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Master of Arts (MA)

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Paul Muench

Commitee Members

Albert Borgmann, Robert Baker


Cyberspace, Philosophy, Thoreau, Kierkegaard, Existentialism, Philosophy of Technology


University of Montana

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Continental Philosophy | History of Philosophy


Cyberspace is an emergent environment that has come to facilitate a growing range of human activity. Here, information is tightly woven, freed of unnecessary context and always within reach. This thesis explores the existential challenges that arise from increased engagement in this space and offers solutions informed by Henry Thoreau and Søren Kierkegaard. Section One offers an ontological account of cyberspace and describes its relationship to what I call the lifeworld. Section Two further examines the relationship drawn out in Section One, introduces the challenge of foreground saturation and appeals to Thoreau for solutions. Section Three introduces the concept of leveling as it is described by Kierkegaard, shows its connection to cyberspace and offers solutions drawn from the promise of technology, Kierkegaard and Thoreau.



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