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Master of Science (MS)

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Department of Geosciences

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William Woessner

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Manny Gabet, Scott Woods


ground water, hydrogeology, Jocko Valley, MT, surface water interactions, temperature


University of Montana


Fiaschetti, Aaron, M.S., December 2006 Geology Assessment of Ground Exchange in Two Steam Channels and Associated Riparian Zones, Jocko Valley, Western Montana Chairperson: William W. Woessner Degraded riparian habitat is a concern throughout the United States. Repairing anthropogenic damage to river channels and wetlands is becoming increasingly popular,though including design features to re-establish ground water and surface water exchange rates and timing are rarely implemented. The goal of this project is to characterize the surface water/ ground water exchange rates of two stream and riparian systems that have been altered by agriculture use. Hydrogeological and hydrological field experiments were performed to better understand the location and magnitude of ground water and surface water exchange throughout each site. These data were compiled into a water balance for the Sque-que study site. Vertical hydraulic gradients, temperature monitoring and ground water chemistry were key components used to identify areas of surface water/ground water exchange.I concluded that surface water/ground water interactions are occurring on sub-reach scales throughout the Sque-que study site. The riparian water table position changed little throughout the year and remained within two meters of the land surface. At the Jocko River site a net gain of ground water along the 1 km reach was not detectable. Modeling suggests the position of current water table will rise if drainage ditches are filled at the study sites and that recovery of wetlands is possible.



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