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Master of Arts (MA)

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Fine Arts (Integrated Arts and Education)

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Creative Pulse Program

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Dorothy Morrison

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Karen Kaufmann, Randy Bolton


West African Myths, Drama, performing arts in the schools


University of Montana


Fisher, Stacey L., M.A., July 2007 Fine Arts Integrated Arts and Education Exploring Creativity in the Classroom Chairperson: Dorothy Morrison Children are naturally creative. Childhood is a time full of exploring, imagining, and creating. As children grow into adolescents the opportunities to explore, imagine, and create decrease. With pressures increasing to perform on standardized tests, teachers have less time to foster creativity in the classrooms. My goal in doing this project was to provide middle school students with an opportunity to partake in a multicultural performing arts experience. This experience would provide a chance to act, dance, drum, and to create costumes, props, and a set. I also wanted to challenge myself and to inspire other teachers to take time to integrate the arts back into education. I wanted to assist middle school students in the development of a healthy self esteem and a life long love for the arts. This paper highlights my idea and inspiration for the project, the steps of getting started, the rehearsal process, and reflections on the final product and the entire process.

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