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Professional Paper - Campus Access Only

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Fine Arts (Integrated Arts and Education)

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Creative Pulse Program

Committee Chair

Rick Hughes

Commitee Members

Karen Kaufmann, Randy Bolton


Final Creative Project, Music Composition, The Creative Pulse


University of Montana


Music has always been an important part of my life. For the last ten years it has been a driving force that not only helps me pay my bills, but also allows me never ending possibilities of personal expression. During my two summers at the Creative Pulse I was able to explore various avenues in the arts. I experienced creative movement, drama, media arts, and creative writing among many. But when it came time to choose a path for my final creative project I knew it had to be music. Music is such an organic part of my day to day life that it made sense to work with the subject rather than against it. I decided to do something I have always wanted to try: composing music. The intent of my project was to create original compositions, transfer them to a computer via Sibelius software, and edit the arrangements. It was my hope that the pieces could be introduced in the classroom and possibly performed and recorded. During the course of the school year I composed eight original pieces for various instruments and voices. Some of the pieces are polished works ready to be performed while others remain undeveloped ideas or themes. Composing music has been a rewarding experience for me both personally and professionally. It has given me a chance to create educational materials to enrich my student curriculum and it has allowed the freedom to create something from nothing. Now that I have the tools to create original music I will be able to continue my endeavors throughout my career, offering new opportunities for myself and my students.

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