Delving In

Year of Award


Document Type

Professional Paper - Campus Access Only

Degree Type

Master of Arts (MA)

Degree Name

Fine Arts (Integrated Arts and Education)

Department or School/College

Creative Pulse Program

Committee Chair

Karen Kaufmann

Commitee Members

Randy Bolton, Rick Hughes


Decoupage, Gardening, Photography, Visual-Spacial


University of Montana


Russell, Christina, M.A., July 2010 Delving In Chairperson: Karen Kaufmann Journeys require time. The best ones never have endings, only destinations along the way. This is an expedition into the past, the visual-spatial mind, and an artist aspiring to be. Through the blending of three mediums, garden landscape, photography and decoupage, an artist emerges. She explores childhood memories, the talent and wisdom of unsuspecting mentors and the magic of the natural world, in the process. Along the way, she discovers a renewed spirit, an extraordinary lens to gaze at the world, an appreciation of the interconnectedness of the multiple intelligences, significant growth personally and professionally, and most importantly, herself redefined.

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