Year of Award


Document Type

Professional Paper

Degree Type

Master of Arts (MA)

Degree Name

Fine Arts (Integrated Arts and Education)

Department or School/College

Creative Pulse Program

Committee Chair

Randy Bolton

Commitee Members

Karen Kaufmann, Raphael Chacon


interior design curriculum, regional arts


University of Montana


Myers, Julie, M.A., Summer 2012 Master of Arts in Fine Arts Integrating Regional Arts into the Interior Design Curriculum at Great Falls College Montana State University Chairperson: Randy Bolton, Ph.D. Ideas explored in the Creative Pulse included the 8 Studio Habits of Mind from Studio Thinking and various approaches to teaching based on theories that humans have multiple types of intelligences and learning styles. The topic of play as a way to learn was also explored. This project was designed to increase creativity and personal motivation for the two-year college interior design student. A series of Regional Arts Enrichment Segments were created to become a portion of my interior design students’ capstone projects in selected fall 2011 and spring 2012 classes. The Regional Arts Enrichment segments incorporated into existing interior design class projects were designed to encourage students to learn about artists in their own communities and inspire them to integrate art into their projects. The ultimate goal was to encourage intrinsic motivation to produce more creative work. The study and evaluation showed that students enjoyed the Regional Arts Segments and, in fact, believe the Regional Arts Enrichment Segments encouraged personal creativity.



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