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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Department of Art

Committee Chair

Trey Hill


Fiction, Fragments


University of Montana


Hurt, Sarahjess, M.F.A., Summer 2012 Fine Arts Fragments of a Fiction Thesis Chair: Trey Hill Fragments of a Fiction is an examination of the differences between memory and experience. Through an exploration of both cultural and cognitive shifts I examine how societies, and more specifically, consumers, choose to remember some incidences and forget others. What tools do human beings use to promote some memories and deny others? This inquiry led me to question my own habits of memory, as well as those of others who have shared their stories. In my process, I try to understand the interplay between fact and fiction that memory holds. Fragments of a Fiction questions memory and examines the contradictions between experience and a recreated memory, and how even frauds can be interesting.



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