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Master of Arts (MA)

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Communication Studies

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Department of Communication Studies

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Joel Iverson

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Daisy Rooks, Greg Larson


Controversy, Financial Strain, Hyper-adaptation, Image, Museum, Narcissism, Organizational Communication, Organizational Identity


University of Montana


Museums face challenging obstacles in modern society to stay relevant, educational and innovative. As more individuals are seeking ways to explore the world around them and the ever-changing landscape of their culture, museums are pressured to fill this void. Yet, when controversy arises in the form of a cultural, social, political, religions, sexual, or financial matter, museums must navigate ways to stay sensitive while still maintaining organizational identity and anonymity. If a museum seeks to please all individuals, it is at risk of hyper-adaptation. Concurrently, it the organization does not address their employees, board members, and museum guests effectively they may be labeled as having high narcissism. In order to address such tensions, these organizations must find ways to successfully communicate such controversial issues in order to preserve their identity and continue to delight and educate visitors.

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