Year of Award


Document Type

Professional Paper

Degree Type

Master of Interdisciplinary Studies (MIS)

Degree Name

Interdisciplinary Studies

Department or School/College

Interdisciplinary Studies Program

Committee Chair

Peter Koehn

Commitee Members

Kimber Haddix-McKay, Mehrdad Kia


Community Based Participatory Research, Disaster Preparedness, Permaculture, Resilience, Training


University of Montana


The Community Resilience Training (CRT) Project Proposal is a design for the creation and implementation of a multi-level, adaptive curriculum designed to improve community resilience to disasters and other major disruption. Grounded in chaos theory and the complexity paradigm of disaster response, the CRT program is designed to provide information at the community level to promote change throughout the disaster preparedness, response, relief, and recovery process. The CRT project incorporates permaculture technology, wilderness medicine protocols, community organizing skills, and transnational advocacy competencies with traditional community knowledge to create a culturally specific training curriculum. Through the research process, community knowledge and needs will be identified, allowing for the adaptation of the CRT framework to be adapted to local needs. Further, the CRT program would facilitate the transfer of effective community adaptations to disruption to other vulnerable communities.



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