Year of Award


Document Type

Professional Paper

Degree Type

Master of Arts (MA)

Degree Name

Anthropology (Forensic Anthropology Option)

Department or School/College

Department of Anthropology

Committee Chair

Randall R. Skelton

Commitee Members

John Douglas, Richard Bridges


case study, forensic anthropology


University of Montana


UMFC case #141 was acqired in spring 2006, as a commercially prepared anatomical specimen, reportedly from the Peoples Republic of China. It is a nealy complete skeleton that exhibits severe trauma of hte lower limbs. I reviewed the literature on methods of estimating age from the skeleton, because age is difficult to estimate for this case nad presents an interesting challenge. I then proceeded to estimate sex, ancestry, age, stature, and weight. I conclude that UMFC #141 is a White male, 39 to 45 years old, 5'0" to 5'4" in height, 110 to 161 pounds in weight. Healed fractures of both tibiae and fibulae, and of ribs 8,9, and 10 are present. Degenerative joint disease is widespread throughout the skeleton, and cribra orbitalia is present. Time since death is difficult to estimate due to the manner of preparation of the skeleton.



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