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Professional Paper

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Fine Arts (Integrated Arts and Education)

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Creative Pulse Program

Committee Chair

Karen Kaufmann

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Jillian Campana, Laura Alvarez


water drumming, decimas, chacha, mambo, Tito Puente and Oye Como Va, Palitos and shakeres


University of Montana

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Ethnomusicology | Music



Campbell, Loree V., M.A., December, 2014

Exploring Latin Rhythms (50 pp.)

Director: Karen Kaufmann (Theatre and Dance) K. Kaufmann

Exploring Latin Rhythms was a project that I undertook with the intention of broadening my base of cultural knowledge, enhancing my musical skills in piano performance and composition, and rhythm instrument familiarization and proficiency. I was able to bring Latin percussion into my classroom for both cultural exploration and as a means of learning language. In this year long journey, I experienced two very different teaching styles from two different mentors, attended the World Rhythm Festival in Seattle, and greatly enhanced my knowledge of the different genres of Latin music. Through my percussion lessons I learned how to read the applicable percussion music, and was able to play some rhythm instruments quite well. This hands-on experience also gave context and greater meaning to watching several on-line video presentations of definitive and historical performances. The combination of teaching styles made an impact on my learning in a real and personal way. As a French and Spanish teacher, these experiences have enabled me to use rhythm more effectively as a teaching tool and to add musical instrument knowledge to my teaching curriculum. As a composer, it has made it possible for me to begin writing Latin music. This other part of the journey consisted of the writing of a song (in danzon style), notating it on Finale, writing percussion parts for several instruments, recording this song in a recording studio, and then posting it on Soundcloud. On a personal note, I have always found Latin music to be a mood lifter, and this process has been a source of joy and wonder as I have discovered new talents and enhanced old ones.



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