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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Creative Writing (Poetry)

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Department of English

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Greg Pape

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Christine Fiore, Christopher Comer, Joanna Klink


abuse, abuse poems, bucolic, environmental poetry, fences, horse poems, horses, Mackenzie Cole, nature poetry, pastoral, poetry, trapping


University of Montana


The following collection of poems, Fences & Fault-lines, Deadfalls & Snares, attempts to chart the hierarchies mapped in the English language. Those in power–governments, churches, movements, militaries, businesses–manipulate our language to bait us, the threat of violence hanging overhead like a dead weight. Or their language holds us fast to a rock until we starve, or corrals us in so tight a space we attack those closest to us. Deadfalls. Snares. Fences. These are the voices used to entrap us. But deadfalls are no trap for those who know how they're set. Snares can be undone. And fences can be burned. Beyond, the fields open into ranges, bounded only where the rivers coil through canyons, where the ridge-lines wind past the edges of property. There–a language to rust the barbed wire. These poems seek that country.

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