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Master of Science (MS)

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Computer Science

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Department of Computer Science

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Yolanda Reimer

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Jesse Johnson, Richard Hughes


e-books, e-readers, hypertexts, non-linear texts


University of Montana

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Reading and Language


Non-linear books are published in print format as sequential text or digitally as collections of documents linked together via hyperlinks. These publication methods are problematic for readers and authors alike. Readers are often presented with unintuitive interfaces that do not indicate critical contextual information; authors struggle to order non-linear content into linear formats or to create and distribute their work in resource intensive digital mediums. While standard e-books might be a convenient format for non-linear books, current e-readers used to view them are severely limited; they mimic the format of physical books and fail to solve problems inherent in displaying non-linear content in a sequential order.

In this research, a novel e-reader prototype, called Adventurous Reader, was developed and tested. This e-reader displays e-books as a collection of linked documents as specified by the author while providing readers with crucial information about their position and progress. When e-books can be viewed in such an interface, they can serve as a solution to many of the problems authors and readers currently experience in the creation, distribution, and consumption of non-linear texts.



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