Year of Award


Document Type


Degree Type

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Degree Name

Anthropology (Cultural Heritage Option)

Department or School/College

Department of Anthropology

Committee Chair

Anna M. Prentiss

Commitee Members

Greg Campbell, Kelly Dixon, Pei-Lin Yu, Steven Sherriff, David Beck


alpine, Late Prehistoric, Rocky Mountains, Shoshone, village


The University of Montana


This dissertation presents three separate articles in different stages of peer-review all focused on late Late Prehistoric (AD 1300 to contact) residential occupations, in the Wind River Range and Shirley Basin of Wyoming. These articles cover survey results in in the Wind River Range of Wyoming, Shoshone ethnic interpretations associated with Late Prehistoric artifact assemblages, and a lithic analysis from the excavated interior of domestic structure at an alpine and basin location of the Firehole Phase. These articles broaden the research agenda of high-altitude sites to downplay the role of ethnicity and include adjacent sites of the Wyoming Basin. In focusing research on multiple sites across diverse ecosystems specific of the Firehole Phase it enables macroevolutionary studies of mid-latitude hunter-gathering groups to advance.



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