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Master of Science (MS)

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Environmental Studies

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Environmental Studies Program

Committee Chair

Len Broberg

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Dave Patterson, Denver Holt, Dick Hutto


breeding status, Flammulated Owls, Montana, nest site characteristics


University of Montana


Seidensticker, Mathew, M.S., Spring 2011 Environmental Studies Nest Sites and Breeding Biology of Flammulated Owls in Missoula Valley Chairperson: Len Broberg The Flammulated Owl is listed as a sensitive or species of concern with United States Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. Despite these listings the Flammulated Owl is little studied in Montana. Although region-wide surveys have greatly increased our understanding of distribution and landscape level habitat associations of Flammulated Owls, information about breeding is lacking. In order to address this need for breeding information I searched for and quantified nest site characteristics and breeding biology of Flammulated Owls in Missoula Valley from 2008-2010. I located 17 Flammulated Owl territories, four nests, and banded 12 individuals. I also utilized radio telemetry to help gather information about roosting and foraging habitat. Although our sample size is limited, nest site characteristics and breeding parameters in my study were within the range of information published by other authors for Flammulated Owl nests. Much more information about Flammulated Owl breeding biology is needed to comprehensively assess the status of this owl species and build scientifically responsible models for managing habitat in Montana.



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