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Professional Paper

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Environmental Science and Natural Resource Journalism

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School of Journalism

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Denise Dowling

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Henriette Lowisch, Neva Hassanein


documentary, local food, Montana, radio


University of Montana


This is a 30-minute radio documentary on one family’s experience eating all locally grown food, for two weeks in September of 2012, and two weeks during January 2013. For the project we considered locally grown food as food grown and processed in Montana. If the food was grown here, then left to be processed in another state, it did not count as local. The participants were a family of three from Missoula, Montana—a Mom, Dad, and their 2-year-old son. The point of the project was to answer the question: What is it like for a family, who normally does not pay attention to the sources of their food, to eat all locally grown food. I found that it takes much more time for a family to eat locally, because nothing is pre-packaged, or pre-processed. The family had to spend a lot of time cooking, and preparing meals for the week. Food was also more expensive, but they ended up saving money because they could not go out to eat as often. They family also said, the project took a toll on their social life, because most restaurants do not cater to local food eaters, and neither did their social circle. In the end, however, the family learned a lot about food, health, and the impacts of their diets on the environment. They say they will not continue to eat 100 percent locally, but will be much more conscientious consumers.

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