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Master of Arts (MA)

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Fine Arts (Integrated Arts and Education)

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Creative Pulse Program

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Randy Bolton

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Ann Wright, Carmine Chickadel


family history, interviewing, photography, storytelling


University of Montana


This project explored my parents' stories in an effort to better understand why participating in music, exploring the outdoors, and empathizing with the human condition is integral to who I am. Using specifically selected questions, I interviewed each parent individually to hear their recollections of certain pursuits and passions in their lives. A digital recording device recorded these sessions. In addition to collecting stories from my parents, I tried to capture their energy through photographs, either in their current stage of life or at times discussed in the interviews. Life is truly reflected through the telling and retelling of stories. In the process of hearing their stories and perhaps sharing mine, I found connections and understandings. The three topics explored in this project were not clearly dominant in my family culture. Hearing the stories of my parents' formative years allowed me to better understand how they shaped and nurtured my interests in adulthood. In addition to gaining more insight into my personal growth in certain areas, I was able to understand the experiences that shaped the interests of others, specifically my parents.

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