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Degree Type

Master of Arts (MA)

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Clinical Psychology

Department or School/College

Department of Psychology

Committee Chair

Cameo Borntrager

Commitee Members

Cheryl Vandenburg, Darrell Stolle


anorexia, bulimia, childhood, disordered eating, trauma


University of Montana


Past research has demonstrated that a correlation exists between trauma exposure and eating disorder pathology. Specifically, sexual abuse has been implicated in the development of eating disorders, with particular attention focused on bulimia nervosa. However, the relationship between other types of trauma exposure and eating pathology has yet to be delineated, particularly how different types of trauma exposure may be related to disordered eating behaviors. The current study explored this relationship. Results showed while some experiences of trauma history predicted a proportion of the variance associated with disordered eating behaviors, others showed a positive but not significant correlation. Clinical implications, especially those related to standardized trauma assessment and disordered eating behaviors, will be discussed.



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