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Master of Science (MS)

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Environmental Studies

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Environmental Studies Program

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Daniel T. Spencer

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Sara E. Hayden, Phil Condon


environment, guatemala, social change, women


University of Montana


Randall, Cassidy, M.S, Spring 2008 Environmental Studies Singing Struggles and Dreams: A New Generation of Maya Women Speaks Dr. Daniel T. Spencer, Chair Singing Struggles and Dreams is a compilation of narratives by young Maya women, accompanied by my own contextual commentary. This work will be published (printed and bound) as a book, and copies donated to Ak’Tenamit for use as a fundraising tool for girls’ education. This will serve to publicize the accomplishments of young women working to better their society, communities, and environment. It will raise awareness of the progress of women, as well as help to validate their work. This project is a narrative testimonial piece that reveals the incredible motivation and determination of 11 young Maya women struggling for the validation of their gender in the eastern rainforests of Guatemala. These women daily deal with environmental and social justice battles as Guatemala seeks to overcome its deep gender and racial divides. Singing Struggles and Dreams is not a master’s project that will sit forgotten on a shelf; it will play a role in the larger social and environmental movements. It is dedicated to empowerment, and the inexorable march forward of women all over the world.

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