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Journal of Leisure Research


National Recreation and Parks Association

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This study examines assumptions of the concepts which form the basis for experience based setting management of outdoor recreation areas. To test the assumptions a sample of wilderness users was surveyed and divided into experience groups based on differences in the specific experiences they desire. These experience groups were then tested for differences in their activity and setting preferences. The study was conducted at the Bridget Wilderness, the Fitzpatrick Wilderness, and the Popo Agie Primitive Area in Wyoming during 1978-79. Data were collected by questionnaire, and responses were examined by object cluster analysis to group users on the basis of the types of experiences important to them. Results offer support for the concepts tested; three groups with different preferences for experiences were identified and were found to differ on the activities, setting, and management actions they prefer. Directions for future research are given and recommendations concerning the usefulness of experience based information to recreation planning are discussed.


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