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Journal of Leisure Research


National Recreation and Park Association

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Using data from Washington State deer hunters, this paper reports on a cluster analytic study of the attributes of the deer hunting experience. The data were collected by mail questionnaire from 3,924 deer hunters by Potter, Hendee, and Clark (1973). Scaled data were subjected to a variable cluster analysis, and then variable clusters were used in an object cluster analysis of hunters. Several dimensions of the deer hunting experience which add to or detract from satisfaction, and groups of hunters reacting differently to these dimensions, are identified. Nature, harvest, equipment, out-group contact, and skill are identified as important attributes of the hunt, for all deer hunters. Ten groups of Washington State deer hunters, each with a different pattern of response across the dimensions, are identified and discussed. Association of additional hunt and user characteristics with the hunter groups is shown. Uses of these and similar data in game and recreation management are discussed.


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