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The Ratification of the 21st Amendment in Montana

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Oral Presentation


Social Sciences/Humanities

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Dr. Kyle Volk

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My name is Hunter Richardson and I’m from Jackson, MS. I am a first-generation college graduate from the University of Southern Mississippi and am currently pursuing a master’s degree in history here at the University of Montana. I plan on completing my degree by May of 2023 and then going forward plan on pursuing my doctorate here at UM. Long term I plan on becoming a history professor specializing in prohibition history and the history of the long nineteenth century. Outside of academia I plan on opening a “speak easy” to keep in theme with my research and to provide a safe and fun environment to relax in. Back home in Mississippi I was an active member of my community. I served as a volunteer coordinator for the St. Luke’s Methodist Church and as a youth mentor for an at-risk outreach ministry organization called The Connection, which I had been apart of when I was a child. I volunteered to serve the older kids in the group by helping them with their homework, tutoring, and leading Bible study. I helped several of them set up college visits and if they didn’t have a car, I would volunteer to drive them to their school of choice and afterwards helped them with applications. While in undergrad I was a member of several organizations across campus and was afforded the opportunity to serve several of them in a leadership role. During my sophomore year I served as President of the Theta Kappa Chapter of the Phi Alpha Theta Honor Society and organized several bi-weekly functions such as a historical movie night to help other undergrads get extra credit points in their lower-level history courses. My junior year I served in an unofficial capacity with the SGA and organized fundraising events to sponsor Greek Life charity activities such as the Shamrock 5-K hosted by Kappa Delta, Greek Life Song Fest, and the university’s annual song festival Eaglepalooza. My senior year I served as President for Young Americans for Liberty and our organization sponsored several events to educate students about voting rights, the tax code, and their rights under the Constitution. Also, during my senior year, I served as Sergeant at Arms for the Delta Mu Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha. All these positions and events have taught me the importance of teamwork, cooperation, and communication amongst a team. The greatest series of events that impacted my life were between January and June of 2018. During that time two of my closest friends and my grandmother passed away due to accidents or illness. Their passing has left a lasting influence on my life, and I miss them all dearly. But they showed me in life, and in their passing, how finite life is and the joy one can experience in a lifetime when one lives life to the fullest. They taught me to seek every opportunity that presented itself to me, to always put others before myself, and to always remember my roots and home.

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The Ratification of the 21st Amendment in Montana

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