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The Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research

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Leisure Studies


Buses for Byways (B4B) is a conceptual idea designed to help people of all ages and abilities gain access to recreation sites along the Top 10 Scenic Drives in Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana as well as segments of eastern Oregon and Washington. Survey data on the demand for transportation showed that 82% of the regional residents and 66% of nonresidents have experienced a need for some sort of public transportation to/from a recreation access point in their lifetime. On the supply side, 1/3 of business owners in the region indicated a willingness to take other people (not their customers) to the airport or to trailhead/river access points. About one third would have interest in a tri-state transportation reservation system, and about one quarter would be willing to pick up others along their current route to or from a recreation access site. Results show some demand for public transportation and show moderate support by business owners to supply the transportation.


national scenic byway, Greater Yellowstone, Central Idaho Hells Canyon, Idaho Panhandle, United States Department of Transportation, Recreation Access Supply and Demand


Research Report 2014-17