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The Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research

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Leisure Studies | Other Social and Behavioral Sciences | Tourism


This report was conducted as one piece of a larger project on visitor support for Yellowstone National Park. Twenty-eight interviews were conducted with park non-profit supporters and repeat visitors to determine how these participants support the park and the reasons behind doing so. Additionally, other causes supported by participants were examined to place park support in a broader philanthropic context. Results revealed that beyond monetary support, activities such as sharing experiences, introducing newcomers to Yellowstone, and educating others about Yellowstone were common support activities utilized by all three groups. Repeat visitors were less likely to give monetary contributions, but otherwise equally active in other arenas of support. Reasons for providing these actions varied, but centered on aspects of Yellowstone that visitors valued, altruism, tangible benefits derived for support, and the efficacy of support actions. Participants were also actively involved in the larger field of philanthropy, supporting both other environmental causes as well as other typical non-profits.


Yellowstone National Park, Visitor Support, philanthropy


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