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In recent years, nonresident visitor spending on outfitters and guides has surpassed that of spending on retail goods, making it the fourth highest spending category behind only fuel, lodging, and dining out. This rise comes despite only five to six percent of the visiting population taking part in these activities. This observation reiterates findings from the 2007 Montana Outfitter and Guide study characterizing the outfitting industry as high value, low impact.

Though a small percent of visiting groups take part in some type of guided or outfitted experience, those who do stay longer and spend more per day. In 2017, the 5.4 percent of all visitors that had a guided or outfitted experience spent a total of $791 million dollars while in Montana, accounting for nearly a quarter of all visitor spending. Spending by visitor groups taking part in outfitted or guided experience generates more than 16,000 jobs and nearly $1.3 billion in economic output.


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