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This study was a collaborative effort between the Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research and the community of Shelby, Montana to provide insight into the impacts tourism has on rural communities in Montana. Paper surveys on site were completed by 87 visitors. Results show that 36% of respondents were residents of Montana (outside of Toole County) and 62% were from out-of-state or country. Visitors spent an average of 6.37 nights away from home and 2.45 of those nights were in the town of Shelby, although 24% were only on a day trip. Most spending in Shelby was on hotel/motel/B&B/cabin rental ($3,235). Respondents to the survey reported a total spending of $12,956 in the Shelby area. Most respondents in Shelby were in the area because they were passing through but agreed that they visited Shelby because it is on their route, less crowded, and a charming small town. Results provide the Shelby community with useful data for future planning, marketing/promotion, and understanding the visitor spending associated with visitation.




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